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June 26 2017

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i’m convinced that i’m microchipped and google has access to my thoughts

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i want them…

chaotic evil

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I had an incredibly vivid dream last night that I got a pet chicken and I’ve just opened chrome to discover the last thing I googled was “chicken coop”. Which means I woke up mid dream to try to buy a house for my chicken daughter. Which means there’s a real albeit very small chance I bought a chicken coop while deliriously fatigued



any of yall ever have that in school where like. you didn’t get made fun of for a specific thing and as far as you know you didn’t look unusual or say/do anything Overtly Weird but they all still avoided you like the plague and giggled among themselves anyway bc somehow they could smell the autism wafting off you 

bonus points if you retroactively realized that they took advantage of your social deficit to make fun of you right in front of your face

Click here to support Moving expenses organized by Carey Means





“ As some of you know I don’t get royalties from doing Frylock on the show. Nothing from DVDs nothing from toys, nothing from anything other than going out to the cons to meet you and sign the autographs. I work as a dishwasher at a bar. I take public transportation and bike to work from the Marta station. My girl just got a job online and has worked for about a month. Our landlord was my girl’s dad’s friend who let us move into his house a little over a year ago. We weren’t paying much in rent because we only rented a room.  He decided to sell the house and kick us out… Starting over in a new place with absolutely nothing… Please help in any way you can! Thank you!”

To see how Carey has never been paid royalties for his voice work on ATHF (whilst Dana and Dava do) and is currently out of a home. To see somebody who has worked as hard as he did for as long as he did to end up barley getting by is heartbreaking. Don’t do this just as tribute to Aqua Teen, do it because Carey Means and his daughter deserve it.

That’s fucked up.

what the fuck. 

In what single way is this acceptable. 

Dude was homeless for seven months between 2008-2009, goddamn.

two worms at dinner


worm 1: my oh my this tastes like dirt

worm 2: it is(:

worm 1: (:

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Ain’t much in this world the uneases me but those conical towers of spice have me on the edge.

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Subnautica + fav biomes

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Abandoned set for a children’s obstacle course game show called Splatalot


I had a dream that there were giant anacondas in my yard and woke up with Strobelite in my head

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an Important Photoset

and lastly:

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