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heelies were not intended for everyday use,,,


ha op…. good luck getting places…. how else are you gonna move?

no… y’all don’t Understand. I have worn nothing but heelies every day for the past 3 or 4 years of my life. I go through about one pair of heelies every year because I friggin’ brake on them so much that the soles wear out and the shoes self-destruct. I have my blood and soul for these hipster lax skater shoes and I can’t stop because I’m committed at this point.


this is what my left shoe looks like. This is just used for walking and back up rolling since I’m dominant with my right foot.


THIS fucker is my leading shoe and the one I use to brake. this hunk a junk has like 45 degrees of Pure Heelie Brake Burn. it goes into the shoe itself at this point.


I am hardened every day through my battles of sick slides and rides. I am a war criminal of rolling shoes. I have been the reason some local places put back their “WE BAN HEELIES” signs. I wish these things could support my life style.

I miss my wife

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