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September 09 2017


you all: [fighting, making bad posts, etc]

sea spider:


me, holding my rat: You are a perfect little man. Look at your little whiskers and goblin hands. You are a divine celestial being too good and pure for this world. I love you.





so a tourist in Italy is fulfilling her lifelong dream of seeing the birth of venus, her fave painting, in person. and while she’s there a Hot Girl strikes up a conversation with her and she loves art and is charming and they talk until the museum closes. they exchange numbers. the next day the birth of Venus painting is stolen, nobody knows who stole it. so anyways, the two girls continue dating and are happy and shit? and on their one year anniversary her girlfriend reveals that she’s an international art thief and she stole the birth of venus after meeting her. tourist girl flips and wants it returned she doesn’t want to just. hoard the art so nobody can see it. so then art thief has to do a reverse heist where she sneaks the painting back into the museum without getting caught

Bear in mind that the Birth of Venus is like 15 feet tall and 30 feet wide…

why would you have to do a reverse heist instead of like
thouroughly cleaning it of fingerprints, DNA and other trace evidence and then just quietly dropping it off round the back underneath a tarp and a note attached

because she’s gay and loves drama don’t ever question me again

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Anger boi

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Canon that Tsuyu is literal perfectection. 

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jenny is my favorite bloody roar


*sounds of opossums hissing and attacking eachother*

Girl 1: god babe this place is so romantic

Girl 2: [cant hear her over the sound of the opossums]

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A nice pig frog [Rana grylio] sitting on a partially submerged weed bed in the Green Cay wetlands in Florida. Image by Thomas Smith.

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me when I am in my car listening to NPR and I agree with what they have to say

when it’s a Saturday afternoon and I am touched by the Ted Talk that NPR airs

I dreamt about mantises. I kept finding like, molts? And they were getting so big. Also I picked up a really fancy mantis I found and it tried to bite me.

What Will Aphrodite Reward You?


Take this quiz and reblog with your Venus sign & what house it’s in!🐚🕊💗

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play that funky music

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The Shadow Council

From Left to Right: 

Scrupulous Steve- chief librarian of The Shadow Records. His eyes never leave those on trial.

Stalwart Ricardo- master saber fighter and vanguard of The Shadow Council; near-legendary talent for cheating death.

Sarah the Wise- oldest and wisest of The Shadow Council. Leader by default of seniority. Though calm and levelheaded, she will periodically receive visions of the past, present, or future; which it is specifically, though, is even her guess. 

The Executioner- headsman of The Shadow Council. Never misses. Constantly panting. 

Neophyte Neil- most recent addition to the ranks of the Shadow Council and assistant librarian to Scrupulous Steve. Courtroom typographer. Deft poisoner and lethal with throwing weapons. 

Garrulous Grant- chief interrogator. Incredibly loud standing voice becomes increasingly hushed the closer he gets to the answer he’s looking for.

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$5 she stops you in the first 5 minutes


i just really hate when deliberate cruelty is interpreted as “life is unfair”

that is not life being unfair; that is a person being unfair. that is a person being malicious. no one is under obligation to treat people like shit just to prove that life is unfair!!! if it’s unfair, then try to make it fair! Help people! Be kind! Try to make things better! don’t just sneer and say “that’s just how life is”!

do not make life worse for people and excuse your actions by saying they would have been treated badly anyway!



I sneeze

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i am online and you all have to deal with it

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