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October 05 2017

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asleep on a thursday night? God, you’re responsible

take off your shoes in bed you dirty little rodent

yeah you’d like to see sonics feet wouldn’t you

Whenever I come across a cow post, I make sure you didn’t reblog it before I do so I can tag you. I kind if have a new love for cows, too. You’re spreading the cow love!

Maybe my future can just be, roamin the land, preaching the good word of cattle

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Moth beauty

Jatun Sacha, Ecuador

God I wish any pizza place delivered out here

clarenecessities replied to your post

“rooftop-wibreth replied to your post “I hope I’ve made a difference…”

tbh you’ve 100% changed my opinion of cows. i used to be scared of them & now i’m like oh… a good friend

siroftheworld replied to your post “rooftop-wibreth replied to your post “I hope I’ve made a difference…”

fhsdfhsdfha you single-handedly brought back my childhood love of cows AND neopets


Me when I listen to Carly Rae Jepsen’s smash hit "Run Away with Me": man wouldn’t it b nice to do cheesy shit with my girlfriend

rooftop-wibreth replied to your post “I hope I’ve made a difference in people’s lives”
Whenever I see cows, I think of you first and other cow-lovers I know second. I’m not really active on tumblr much anymore, but when I check back in, you’re one of the blogs I’m most curious about. IDK if that’s an answer you were expecting or hoping for, but I hope life gets better for you m'dude.

It’s nice 2 kno I am the main cowpoke in your mind :3

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look at these CUTE embroidered clowns i found on this sweater at the thrift store!!! i ended up buying the sweater but i’m gonna cut these designs out and use them for smth… :^)))

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i was googling proboscis monkey and i found this absolutely inscrutable bodybuilding forum thread. the title is “Proboscis Monkey”, the OP and the first several posts are completely blank, then someone says “inb4 proboscis monkey” and then there’s this

i’m not kidding

October 03 2017

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Advanced tactics: nap at midnight

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Oh hello



yoshi noise

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at last! family photo! exactly Nobody wanted to sit still except for mocho 

The gangs all here!

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Tarantulas in media: great big vicious monsters, insatiable appetites, super deadly, ultra predators, terrifying soulless beasts

Tarantulas in real life: fragile, soft-bellied, eat your dinner or just fucking molt already it’s not that hard, ‘I’m fasting for religious reasons that I’m not going to explain and your offerings of crickets offend me’, ‘oooh nooo I stepped in my water dish and now my foot’s wet I’m going to climb up the glass to sulk about it and if I fall I might DIE and THEN you’ll be sorry’, will yank out ass hair when angry, arches up on tiptoes to avoid belly being touched by passing cricket, might hurt self on own skeleton, leave scraps of web lying around for no reason, constant maladaptive daydreaming, the stoners of the spider world

‘care guides say I like to burrow but nah, I just like making messy piles with substrate and then knocking them over like a child with sandcastles’

“I am a moody teenager and I’m never coming out of my burrow I don’t care if I fucking STARVE”



i’ve never had a toblerone

and you never will

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i sketched this kanaya instead of taking a break from drawing like a normal person

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