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August 09 2017


If two men were on the moon and one threw a rock at the other but didn’t kill him only slightly bruise him would that be an awkward ride home or what


probably one of the happiest sounds is when your pet comes running for you and you can hear the little pat pats of their feet on the floor

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Short enough to be the onion’s prey

I fucking love onion why’s it gotta make you smely

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why are people so against getting dirty and scratched up from their cat or dog it makes me sad…thats one of the best parts of being with a pet!! u get a little rowdy and rough and come away with a bunch of cool as shit cuts amd scratches..its good. some people will declaw their cat cause their so afraid of a few scratches its fucked up….cowards do not interact

August 08 2017


me: overused romance tropes are so boring like, use your brains, be original
media: here’s an overused romance trope but with two girls
me: Holy. Shit. The pinnacle of human achievement. this is art


them: capitalism isn’t so bad, it’s not like capitalists want people to die, they need people to buy their goods!

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I can see the photoshop in the awkwardly different letter sizes

no its real you dumb asshole!

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Who took this man’s leg

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how to spot good thrash metal

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I still can’t get a decent picture of spiders on this particular window to save my ass but check it out


i guess its promo time so

hey gamers im zelda n i am gay and stupit

my about

pwease follow

*checks the mirror* hmm…this girl looks like she doesn’t wanna leave the house…big cutie tho

I really Really don’t wanna go to therapy today lmao

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Piebalding in Baird’s Tapir (Tapirus bairdii)

  1. Your typical Baird’s tapir with normal light throat and lip markings on a dark background. Piebaldism in this species seems to present itself mostly around the face. [x]
  2. This one has a few small freckles of white on an otherwise normal face. [x]
  3. Pink nose and lips makes for a kissable face, and the patches of white and grizzled areas only add to their charm. [x]
  4. The splotchy nose and eye catching eyeliner of this flashy tapir adds up to an especially unique individual. [x]
  5. A calf with a thick, jagged blaze and her mother taking a dip. The yellowish tinge is likely due to dirt. [x]
  6. An even younger blazed calf, still wearing their baby coloration. This could be the same tapir as the previous one, the markings are very similar and the more jagged edges on the older animal could be explained by aging. [x]
  7. The large blaze, white toes, and what seems to be a patch on the belly makes this the Baird’s with the most white I’ve seen so far! If two piebald parents were to produce offspring it may result in an even higher degree of white, which wouldn’t be surprising. But exciting? Yes! [x]
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Moose (Alces alces)
  1. Possible melanistic moose, or at least a very dark male. He still has brown tinges in some places
  2. Another dark fellow
  3. A reddish-brown female with socks, darker lower body, blond neck, and a few white patches
  4. A piebald female who honestly looks like a pony or a cow, until you notice her hump!
  5. A creamy female with some dark fur mixed in around her neck and near her rump.  Small black spots dot her body.
  6. Pure white male, growing in his antlers. The quality isn’t great and his eyes seem to be a very light color with a teeny bit of a pinkish tinge, so he could possibly be albino, but leucistic is more likely. I wish this image was of better quality!
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